So that we don’t have to forget

Another one of my assignments for Creative Writing Poetry. As many of you know, I was on campus the night of the Tea Fire with my video camera, as several of Westmont’s buildings were lost to the flames.

So that we don’t have to forget

Embers like fireflies tonight.
I want to call it beautiful
but these orange hills
in the morning will be black.

The snowing ash
grays my two-day beard.
Was this flake once a book
whose pages I’ve savored?

I turn my face downwind
to find breath
but only taste the smoke
of trees that gave me air.

A crouching flame stands up
and shows how tall he really is.
He dances on dry leaves,
delighting in his craft.

All I can do is press record
and watch on the three inch screen.
Tiny pieces of yesterday fall
onto the ground and onto my tape.


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Cinematographer of Two Story Films. I'm passionate about film and the way that stories can shape the world and change our perspectives.



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