The brother of my brother

Despite having just a week left to finish Westmont’s Mayterm classes, I came home this weekend to attend a memorial service for Kevin’s brother in law, Geoff. He died of cancer two weeks ago. I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to get to know him as well as I wish I could have. But from the little time we spent together I can confidently say that he had one of the most loving and sincere hearts of anyone I’ve known. Kevin shared some of his memories of Geoff on his blog, reposted below.

Geoff Haskell - I Remember It's so strange to start sentences with "Geoff was" rather than with "Geoff is," especially now that I'm sitting down to write words about the brother, friend, and example that Geoff was to me over the last twenty years.  The tears that I think we've all cried over losing him have stopped me many times from putting down on paper some of what will follow, but it's important to write through those tears.  It's the least I can do for a man that, by … Read More

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