iPhone 4: HD video and editing, first impressions

After waiting in line for a mere 2 hours this morning (I heard that some stores had waits of 4-6 hours), I got my hands on a new iPhone 4. Since its 720p camera was the biggest selling point for me, I wasted no time shooting some test video and throwing together a 1-minute project in the new iMovie app. It’s a mock vacation video for Santa Barbara, and I hope it gives people and idea of what the new iPhone is capable of. It may not be as impressive as Apple’s demonstration video (starts at about 4:40), but they used professional quality tripods and sliders. Cheaters!

This took about an hour to edit and my first impression of the iMovie app is mostly positive, but it’s very, very limited in its abilities. This is, of course, to be expected on a phone (the fact that I can edit on my phone is amazing in itself), but a few feature additions like copy/paste, more audio control, and a better way to trim individual clips would really make it outstanding for quick home-movie edits. Also a wider lens to help with the shakiness would have really made my day.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about iPhone 4’s 720p or the new iMovie app. I’ll also post a full review of the iMovie app in the next few days.


8 responses to “iPhone 4: HD video and editing, first impressions

  1. Roy

    WOW! You did that on an iPhone after only having it for a few hours? Ridiculous. Amazing technology, but also amazing talent.

    • Jedd

      That’s both a good and bad thing … iMovie does all the heavy lifting for you, and there’s isn’t a whole lot of wiggle room for customizing the theme, edits, audio, etc. And thanks for your compliments, but I’m sure you could easily make one just as good!

    • Dale

      Hi Jedd,

      Nice video–my only concern is how you were able to ride and shoot from your bike at the same time–did you have a helmet cam? :-)

      I get my new iPhone next week–can’t wait!


      • Jedd

        Ha, no helmet cam, just one hand on the handlebars and one holding the phone. It was … reasonably safe. Enjoy your new iPhone! Don’t crash your new bike while using it. ;)

  2. raegoble

    cool1 that’s pretty sweet.

  3. Dale

    Hi Jedd,

    I see that you’ve seen this video “Apple of my Eye”:

    Pretty amazing, but I can’t believe they did all the editing on the iPhone. Can you actually add a soundtrack?


    • Jedd

      You can use music from your iTunes library, so yes. I thought the production value of that film was pretty impressive … you’d never know it was shot on a phone unless they said so.

  4. Dale

    Thought you might like to see this video shot with iPhone 4’s as well. Pretty amazing for something you can carry in your pocket. Now it just want mine!


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