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Following up my series of posts about using a keyboard with the iPhone, CNN contributor Amy Gahran says the iPhone keyboard arrived too late, as she’s already switched to Android. Her short article gives a few more reasons why a physical keyboard is a good idea for a phone, and even links to an Android bluetooth keyboard (that folds!).

And keeping with the iPhone/Android theme, Robert Scoble of Scobleizer writes a good summary of why he’s sticking with iPhone, unlike Louis Grey who just as compellingly advocates the Android platform.

Over at YouTube, you can now watch videos in 4K resolution … assuming you have one of the rare and super expensive 4K projectors. For those unfamiliar with 4K, imagine putting together 4 1080p televisions in a 2 by 2 grid, and you’re still not reaching the kind of resolution we’re dealing with. Viewing is only half of the problem, as 4K camcorders like the RED One are few and far between, not to mention beyond the budget of even many independent filmmakers. Of course, you won’t be able to take full advantage of this feature on even the largest computer screens currently available, but the notion of streaming ultra high definition video is a delicious taste of the future for tech nerds.

Then again, here’s a camera that will probably have the ability to record in 4K.  Canon has showcased a new “Wonder Camera” that promises to be the future of photography and video. Perhaps the most impressive and interesting part of it is the lens, which has an unheard of range of macro to 500mm. Not to mention its ability to capture up to 600 frames per second. The product is still concept, and Canon says we won’t see something like this on the market for another 2 decades.


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