Thailand bound

As many of you know, my sister and brother in law have been living in Thailand since May for The SOLD Project, which runs a prevention program for children at risk of human trafficking and prostitution. It’s an incredible organization focusing on the often overlooked tragedy of modern-day slavery. I admire their work, and believe my sister Rachel (Executive Director) and her husband Kevin are making a real difference.

Rachel and Kevin have been making video updates during their time over there, but it’s been three years since they had a professional shooter to capture footage. Last month they asked if I wanted to move to Thailand and volunteer a few months of my time to film several new videos; long-overdue updates to show supporters the progress and continuing work they’ve done. I took some time to consider the idea, and last week gave my final confirmation. I’ll be leaving in mid October.

While I’m there, I’ll be following the story of Cat, SOLD’s first scholarship student, and the inspiration for their Prevention Program, which now supports over 50 children. But Cat’s documentary profile will be only one of several projects, and I’ll be regularly blogging and posting videos from Thailand to share what I’m working on.

Thailand will be the third country I’ve filmed in. I have also travelled to Ghana, Africa, and Belize, Central America. This will be my longest stay, though, and with the experience I’ve gained over the past three years of making videos, I’m excited about the possibilities these two months hold for me.

Here’s a video I made two years ago for All Nations Education, which is similar in format to the video I’ll be making for Cat in Thailand.

I hope the work I do allows SOLD to reach new supporters and raises awareness about this heart-breaking reality of sex slavery and child prostitution in Southeast Asia. If you’d like to help support my trip or SOLD’s work, please consider making a contribution. I’ll be living cheaply while there, living in Rachel and Kevin’s home, eating $1 meals, and getting around on a motorbike. But the plane ticket represents a significant expense at approximately $1500. So I’m asking you, my friends and family, to please help me make this trip possible. If you can spare a few bucks, click here to donate through PayPal, or use the donate button below. Your support of my work, no matter how small, will be so greatly appreciated!

You can also choose to donate to SOLD’s programs, including their scholarship prevention program, through their website.

I will have an internet connection in Thailand, so be sure to check back here often, and subscribe using the RSS button to the right to stay up to date. If you have any questions about my trip or SOLD, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or e-mail me directly. I’m excited about this new adventure, and looking forward to sharing about it with all of you!


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