Help send me to Thailand!

Footage from the original film, shot by Dokument Films.

Last week I posted about my upcoming trip to Thailand, where I’ll be volunteering my time to make some videos for The SOLD Project. I included a link at the end to donate toward my trip, but did not include an option to donate through SOLD. The organization will not be paying for my personal expenses, but the plane ticket is considered an operational cost. So if you’d like to make a tax-deducatable donation toward my trip, you can do so by visiting the SOLD donation page, and selecting “Yes” for the option to donate in someone’s name. Write my name in the text field, and SOLD will know to put that money aside to fund my plane ticket: approximately $1500 round trip. I’m still a long way from reaching that goal, and even small donations help! Anything you can spare will be so greatly appreciated.

Click to donate!

While in Thailand, I will be staying at my sister and brother in law’s home, and living simply. However, there are still living expenses involved that I will need to pay for. Meals, in-country transportation, and cell service will not be paid for by SOLD. If you’d like to donate to assist with these expenses, it would help me a great deal.

$1 will pay for a meal. Food is much less expensive in Thailand, and although one dollar might seem like a negligible amount to give, if you can spare it, you just bought me lunch!

$10 will pay for a month of cell service. I will be using a pay-as-you-go plan in Thailand, and ten dollars will give me enough minutes to last about a month. (Skype will be used for calls home)

$25 will pay for a month of gas. Motorbikes go far on a little gas, and 25 dollars will help get me to town, to SOLD’s development center, and all the places my camera and I need to be for a whole month.

$100 will pay for a one month motorbike rental. The standard transportation in Thailand. Just don’t call it a scooter.

If I reach my fundraising goal of $1500 for SOLD’s side of the expense, any additional funds will go toward future operating costs at the organization. If I raise enough to pay for my personal expenses throughout the trip (which comes out to about $1000 for the two months I am there), the extra funds will go to SOLD to help purchase the plane ticket. If you are able to spare any support, please note that donating directly to my personal expenses will not be tax-deductable, so you may want to donate directly to SOLD as described above, instead. Don’t forget to include my name so they know where to direct the funds!

However you choose to donate, if you’re able, will be so greatly appreciated for making this trip possible. There’s a reason I haven’t asked for donations for a volunteer trip since high school; few causes out there are as deserving as SOLD. Working with them will allow me to use all of my strengths to serve these people who badly need our help.

I will be blogging from Thailand, so remember to check back here for updates and subscribe to the email updates or RSS!

Photo by Rachel Carey.


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