Leaving TONIGHT!

The date is finally here! My flight leaves tonight at 1:20 a.m. (thankfully, I’m able to sleep on planes). A total of 23 hours from that time I’ll be landing in Thailand, where I am so excited to volunteer my camcorder and my time to helping SOLD with a new film project. I’ll be posting updates here as often as possible, complete with photos and videos from my adventures. If you’d like to stay updated, I’m all over the place on the web. Follow me on Twitter, search for me on Facebook, watch for new videos on Vimeo, or subscribe to this blog via e-mail or RSS.

If you’d like to help contribute toward the trip, there’s still time! The SOLD Project has picked up the $200 or so left on my plane ticket, but I’d rather that money go toward their programs, as opposed to my travel expenses. In order to provide some incentive for that, I’m offering something in return. Everyone who donates, including those who have already given, will get a personalized “thank-you” video. Doesn’t matter how much you give. I’ll be posting these 10 second videos throughout my trip, and hopefully these snippets will also give you a taste of what I’m up to while I’m over there. Watch the video below for more info, and if you’d like to make a contribution in my name (select “Yes” next to “Would you like to make this donation in someone’s name?”), click here!

Select “Yes” next to “Would you like to make this donation in someone’s name?”


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