My Brother is Awesome. (via adventures in photo)

Since getting back from Thailand, I’ve been very busy, and haven’t had a chance to write or blog about it at all. However, my sister talks briefly about the trip in this post, and I wanted to pass it on. It also includes the 3-minute video I put together for SOLD (plus amazing music by Kevin).

It all started at a breakfast in Santa Barbara. Kevin, Jedd and I sat together enjoying a late morning brunch, watching the ocean, and talking about our futures. Jedd was wondering what the next few months would hold for his life, and I jokingly suggested he move to Thailand. The SOLD Project had been dreaming of an update film, Jedd happens to be an amazing videographer (and editor!), and living in Thailand meant $1 meals for a few months. He li … Read More

via adventures in photo


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jedd goble

Cinematographer of Two Story Films. I'm passionate about film and the way that stories can shape the world and change our perspectives.



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