Why We Make

I love this talk. Not just because I’ve been passionate my whole life about building, tinkering, and creating in general, but also because this advice is equally applicable to filmmakers. Well worth watching for anyone pursuing creative endeavors. (which I hope is all of you!)

“It doesn’t matter what you make, and it doesn’t matter why; the importance is that you are making something.”

In regards to butting heads with co-host Jaimie: “All great partnerships that I know about … they’re all based on that kind of push-pull. It’s super important and it has a real integrity to it. So if someone’s challenging your ideas, it means you’re having to fight for them and to justify them, and that is an inherently robust process.”


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jedd goble

Cinematographer of Two Story Films. I'm passionate about film and the way that stories can shape the world and change our perspectives.



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