I’ve admired the work of stillmotion for many years and the quality of their work has been a standard that’s challenged filmmakers and event videographers to improve in their craft. When I heard they were having a contest with a grand prize to join them on a shoot, I knew I had to enter. However, I was spending the weekend in Tahoe for a wedding shoot, leaving me less than two days to plan, shoot, and edit the contest video.

Through a friend, I knew that Tom was building his own airplane, and the story seemed like the perfect match for the requirements of the contest. Little did I know that he was building not just any airplane, but a Velocity XL 5; an experimental home-built aircraft that looks nothing like your average Cessna. Growing up, I always wanted to be a pilot, so this was a really fun experience for me to geek out over aviation technology. Not only was the plane impressive, but Tom ended up being awesome to interview and film. He has a great sense of humor and I love his passion and his excitement for building his own aircraft. He was a great sport about filming and I had a blast making this video with him.

This was a really unique challenge to shoot and edit in about 24 hours, and the video barely made the submission deadline. But I had a blast within the constraints of the contest; a 2-minute time limit, use of natural recorded audio throughout, and the incorporation of a soundtrack chosen by the stillmotion team. Even the small steps in improving in our craft count. As stillmotion says, “The most important step is your next one.” Really glad they hosted this, and I hope you enjoy the short video I put together.

See all the contest submissions here.


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Cinematographer of Two Story Films. I'm passionate about film and the way that stories can shape the world and change our perspectives.



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